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Final Fantasy x Characters


Name: Tidus
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 175 cm
Location: Zanarkand
Weapon: Sword
Japanese Voice: Seiichi Morita
English Voice: James Arnold Taylor
Tidus is described as cheerful and is a star player at an underwater fighting ball game, known as Blitzball (He is a star player in a Blitzball team called Zanarkand Abes). His love interest is Yuna. Tidus is the only character that doesn't fit into the Asian imagery of Final Fantasy X.

Name: Yuna
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Location: Bevelle
Weapon: Staff
Japanese Voice: Mayuko Aoki
English Voice: Hedy Burress
Yuna, Tidus' love interest, is also 17. She is rumored to be the water goddess destined to battle the fire god, who resembles Ifrit. She is a summoner of the Ebon Tribe, and the daughter of Master Summoner Braska. Yuna is tired of living in the shadow of her renowned family.

Name: Auron
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Height: 182 cm
Location: Zanarkand/Spira 1000 Years Before
Weapon: Samurai Sword
Japanese Voice: Hideo Ishikawa
English Voice: Matt McKenzie
A swordsman who used to guard master Braska, Yuna's father and he continues to guard his daughter Yuna. Also when he meets Tidus, he teaches him about many things during their journey. He wears a sunglass type to hide his scar.

Name: Lulu
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 167 cm
Location: Besaid
Weapon: Moogle Doll
Japanese Voice: Rio Natsuki
English Voice: Paula Tiso
Another Yuna's guardian who follows Yuna and she acts like sister to Yuna. She is strict but calm, just like Quistis in Final Fantasy VIII. She is known as the "Strongest female character in FF".

Name: Rikku
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Height: 158 cm
Location: Al Bhed Tribe/Spira 1000 Years Before
Weapon: Al Bhed Tribe Gun
Japanese Voice: Marika Matsumoto
English Voice: Tara Strong
A young woman from Al Bhed who uses gun and steal items from the enemy. She's also Cid's daughter (Until now, every FFs came out Cid) who is the commander of Al Bhed. They speak Al Bhed, and it's expected another mini game; to learn Al Bhed language.

Name: Wakka
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 188 cm
Location: Besaid
Weapon: Blitzball
Japanese Voice: Kazuya Nakai
English Voice: John Di Maggio
Wakka is a blitzball player same as Tidus. First they're in different teams but later on, Tidus joins Wakka's. Wakka uses Blitzball as a weapon, and Overdrive attack is to use his blitzball skill by selecting the right slot.

Name: Kimahri
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 204 cm
Location: Mt. Gagazet
Weapon: Spear
Japanese Voice: Katsumi Chou
English Voice: John Di Maggio
Yuna's guardian who uses spear as his weapon. Kimahri reminds us about Quina in Final Fantasy IX, who uses Blue Magic non-human beast. He tries to protect Yuna from the danger, using his strength.

Name: Seymour
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 187 cm
Location: Guadosalam
Weapon: None
Japanese Voice: Sunichi Suirabe
English Voice: Alex Fernandez
Seymour Guado is the current head of the demi-human Guado tribe. Seymour, however, is only half-Guado: His father was Ziscal, the previous Guado chief, but his mother was a human. Caught in between two races, he purports to fight against inequality and is consequently a popular public figure. Seymour is not just the head of the Guado tribe, but a leader in the Ebon religion as well. The predominant religion of Final Fantasy X's world, Ebon teaches that technology must never be used unless absolutely necessary.


Al Bhed Primer Locations

1.Y-A >Deck of Salvage Ship.

2.P-B >Crusader's Lodge Entrance.

3.L-C >S.S. Liki Engine Room.

4.T-D >Kilika Tavern (Bar.)

5.A-E >S.S. Wino Bridge.

6.V-F >Luca stadium, Basement B.

7.K-G >Luca Sphere Theater.

8.R-H >recive from Rin at Mi'ihen Travel Agency.

9.E-I >Mi'ihen Highroad, North End.

10.Z-J >Mushroom Rock Valley.

11.G-K >Djose Highroad.

12.M-L >Moonflow, North Wharf.

13.S-M >Guadosalam, the house with 3000 Gil treasure.

14.H-N >Thunder Plains, Travel Agency.

15.U-O >Macalania Lake Road.

16.B-P >Outside Macalania Travel Agency.

17.X-Q >Sanubia Desert.

18.N-R >NorthEast of Sanubia Desert Central.

19.C-S >Near the Save Sphere outside Al Bhed Home.

20.D-T >Al Bhed Home, Living Quarters.

21.I-U >Al Bhed Home, Corridor (NorthEast.)

22.J-V >Bevelle Priest's Passage.

23.F-W >Calm Lands (NorthWest near Chocobo Trainer.)

24.Q-X >Outside Remiem Temple.

25.O-Y >Cavern of the Stolen Faith.

26.W-Z >Omega Ruins.

Sphere Grid Guide


 Name Of Sphere Function
 Power Sphere Activates HP, Strength and Defense nodes.
 Mana Sphere Activates Magic, Magic Defense and MP nodes.
 Speed Sphere Activates Accuracy, Agility and Evasion nodes.
 Ability Sphere Activates Ability nodes.
 Fortune Sphere Activates Luck nodes.
 Attribute Sphere Activates Attribute node that has already been activated by Allly.
 Special Sphere Activates Special node that had already been activated by Ally.
 Skill Sphere Activates Skill node that has already been activated by Ally.
 Wht Magic Sphere Activates Wht Magic node that has already been activated by Ally.
 Blk Magic Sphere Activated Blk Magic node that has already been activated by Ally.
 Master Sphere Activates any Ability or Attribute node.
 HP Sphere Converts empty node into HP node.
 MP Sphere Converts empty node into MP node.
 Strength Sphere Converts emty node into Strength node.
 Defense Sphere Converts empty node into Defense node.
 Magic Sphere Converts empty node into Magic node.
 Magic Defense Sphere Converts empty node into Magic Defense node.
 Ability Sphere Converts empty node into Ability node.
 Luck Sphere Converts empty node into Luck node.
 Evasion Sphere Converts empty node into Evasion node.
 Accuracy Sphere Converts empty node into Accuracy node.
 Lv. 1 Key Sphere Opens Lv. 1 Lock node.
 Lv. 2 Key Sphere Opens Lv. 2 Lock node.
 Lv. 3 Key Sphere Opens Lv. 3 Lock node.
 Lv. 4 Key Sphere Opens Lv. 4 Lock node.
 Clear Sphere Converts any node into an empty node.
 Return Sphere Return to any previously activated node.
 Friend Sphere Teleport to Ally's location.
 Teleport Sphere Teleport to any node activated by Ally.
 Warp Sphere Teleport to any node.