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Final Fantasy 7 Characters

Aeris Gainsborough

Name: Aeris Gainsborough
Job: Flower Merchant
Age: 22
Weapon: Rod
Height: 5'4"
Birthdate: February 7th
Birthplace: Unknown (Icicle Inn?)
Blood Type: O

Barret Wallace

Name: Barret Wallace
Job: Leader of AVALANCHE
Age: 35
Weapon: Gun-arm
Height: 6 ft 5 in
Date of Birth: December 15th
Birthplace : Corel Village
Blood Type: O

Cait Sith

Name: Cait Sith
Job: Fortune Teller
Age: N/A
Weapon: Megaphone
Height: 3'3"
Date of Birth: N/A
Birthplace: N/A
Blood Type: N/A

Cid Highwind 

Name: Cid Highwind
Job: Pilot
Age: 32
Weapon: Spear
Height: 5'8"
Date of Birth: February 22nd
Birthplace: Unknown
Blood Type: B

Cloud Strife 

Name: Cloud Strife
Job: Mercenary (ex-member of SOLDIER)
Age: 21
Weapon: Double-handed sword
Height: 5' 7"
Date of Birth: August 19th (alternately August 11th?)
Birthplace: Nibelheim
Blood Type: AB


Name: Red XIII / Nanaki
Job: Beast
Age: 48
Weapon: Headdress
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Birthplace: Cosmo Canyon
Blood Type: A

Tifa Lockheart

Name: Tifa Lockheart
Job: Bar hostess
Age: 20
Weapon: Glove
Height: 5'5"
Date of Birth: May 3rd
Birthplace: Nibelheim
Blood Type: B

Vincent Valentine 

Name: Vincent Valentine
Job: Gunman
Age: 27
Weapon: Gun
Height: 6'0"
Date of Birth: October 13
Birthplace: Unknown
Blood Type: A

Yuffie Kisaragi 

Name: Yuffie Kisaragi
Job: Materia hunter
Age: 16
Weapon: Boomerang
Height: 5'2"
Date of Birth: November 20th
Birthplace: Wutai
Blood Type: A

Gold Chocobo Guide

This is how i got a Gold Chocobo...(it took me a long time to get a female Good Chocobo)

You will need the Highwind, Gyshal Greens, and about 500,000 Gil for sylkis greens (5000 gp each) and 60,000 Gil for the Chocobo Stables, Steal Materia and Chocobo lure materia to get a Gold Chocobo-you can only get it on disc 2 or 3.

Dont forget to feed the Chocobos Gyshal Greens to help you catch them while your fighting.

Rent all 6 stables at the Chocobo Ranch.

First you will need a male or female Green Chocobo and a Blue Chocobo of the oppoisite sex.

 To get a Green and Blue Chocobo you will need to get a male or female Great Chocobo and a Good Chocobo of the opposite sex.

 You will find a Great Chocobo by the Chocobo footprints to the West of Mideell, the fights with Great Chocobos will either have 1 or 2 Spirals in the fight.

 You will find a Good Chocobo by the Chocobo footprints to the East of the Gold Saucer, the fights with Good Chocobos will either have 2 Spencers or 2 Flapbeats in the back row.

Once you have a Great and Good Chocobo of the opposing sexes you will need to feed each of the Chocobos 10 Slykis Greens (10 Sylkis Greens=50,000 Gil.)

Then race the Chocobos to rank A or S at the Gold Saucer (Chocobo Racing hint-Hold R1, R2, L1 and L2 while running to slowly gain stamina)

Now save your game, then to get a Green or Blue Chocobo mate them back at the ranch with a Carob Nut, to get a Carob Nut walk around the field south of Bone Village until you encounter a large red monster (Valykarados) steal a Carob Nut from it, you will need 3 of them.

When they have mated you should either recieve a male or female Green or Blue Chocobo if you dont just reset the console and try mating them again, once you have either a Green or Blue Chocobo. Then wait until they can mate again, then mate them again, hopefully you will get a female Blue Chocobo, if you got a male Green Chocobo last time, and Vice Versa.

Once you have a male and female Blue and Green Chocobo feed each of them 10 Sylkis Greens, then race them to either rank A or S at the Gold Saucer, once they are rank A or S save your game, them mate them back at the ranch with a Carob Nut, hopefully you will recieve a male or female Black Chocobo, if you dont reset your console and try again.

Once you have a male or female Black Chocobo, you will need a Wonderfull Chocobo of the opposite sex, you can find Wonderfull Chocobos by the Chocobo footprints West of Icicle Inn, the fights with the Wonderfull Chocobos are the ones with 1 Jumping in them.

Once you have a Wonderfull Chocobo of the opposite sex as the Black Chocobo, you will need a Zeio Nut, they can be stolen from the Goblins on the Eastern-most charted island.

Once you have a Zeio Nut you need to feed the Black and Wonderfull Chocobo 10 Sylkis Greens each, then race them to rank S (as that is the only rank that will let you recive a Gold Chocobo.)

Once they are both rank S, save your game, then mate them with the Zeio Nut and with luck you will recieve a Gold Chocobo.

(Note:The Gold Chocobo is very similar to the Yellow Chocobo but its legs and eyes are more golden-I almost reseted my console because i did not realise that it was a Gold Chocobo at first.)

 With the Gold Chocobo you can get 4 awesome Materia:

First the Mime Materia-South of Wutai in a cave on the east of the island (can also use Green Chocobo)

Second the Quatra-Magic Materia it is on the South-Eastern most island (the one with the cave) land on the grass then walk to the cave on the Chocobo.

Thirdly the Hp<--->Mp Materia, the cave in the desert North of Corel and Gold Saucer.

Finally the ultimate Summon Materia Knight Of The Round (K.O.T.R.) it is in a cave on the uncharted North Easterly island.

Also the Gold Chocobo is the fastest chocobo in the races, i find it easy to beat all chocobos in rank S even the Black Chocobo who beats almost anyone else, after feeding it around 10 Sylkis Greens.

Getting Yuffie In Your Party

First of all to get Yuffie you have to be able to leave Midgar and have just watched Dyne commit suicide at the Gold Saucer prison, which will get you the Buggy.

Once out of the Gold Saucer prison you should have the buggy, you can find Yuffie in almost every forest area i found her just across the river to the south, just before Cozmo Canyon.

To find her just walk around in the forest, you encounter har as any normal random encounter, her name will be Mystery Ninja.

Once you have found her if you are a decent enough level you should be able to take her down in a few turns with no difficulty at all.

Once she is down DO NOT USE THE SAVE POINT OR GO INTO THE MENU, speak to her and she will say:"You spikey-headed jerk. One more time, lets go one more time" Say:"Not interested".

Then she wil say:"You're pretty scared of me, huh" Say:"......Petrified".

Then she will start to leave, then turn around and say:"I'm really gonna leave! REALLY!" Say:"Wait a second!"

Then she will say:"You want me to go with you?" Say:"......That's right".

Then she will say:"All right! I'll go with you!" Say:"......Lets hurry on".

After that she will have joined your party, have fun and train her as you will.

(Note: If you answer wrong then she will steal some of your Gil, the closer you her to getting her the more she will steal.)

Getting Vincent In Your Party

Getting Vincent is quite a bit harder then getting Yuffie as you have to fight a rather difficult boss.

At the point in the game where you visit the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim, either during or after your visit there you are able to get Vincent. (I would recommend saving your game.)

 Once you enter the Mansion turn left into the small room, there will be a small piece of paper on the floor, it tells you about/how to get Vincent, you can either do the detective work or i can be kind and give you the code to the safe that the attached letter talks about.

Ok i'll be kind the code is: Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97. Dont forget that you only have 20 seconds to open the safe.

To find the safe go up stairs, turn left then go into the room to the North.

Once you open the safe you will be ambushed by a boss called Lost Number, it is rather difficult as it is rather powerfull and dividen into 2 sides, do you want me to tell you how to defeat it????...ok i will.

First try to paralyse it with the Choc/Mog summon, then while it is paralysed attack the purple side with your strongest magic attacks as it is very resistant to physical attacks, and fight the red side with your strongest physical attacks as it is very resistant to magic attacks. Once it has become un-paralysed you should have made quite a dent in its Hp, you can either carry on as you are or try to paralyse it again. Just keep attacking each side with its weakness and it should die after a few turns. Its quite a brawl if you dont paralyse it (also rather fun.)

It will drop Cozmo Memory (Red XIII's level 4 limit), the Odin summon materia (on floor), and the Basement Key (in safe.)

Then go to the right side of the upstairs hallway, then in to the room with a strange looking brick wall (it has a door in it) then go down the spiral staircase on the other side of the wall, just before the library there is a wooden door, go through it (use the Basement Key) and open the coffin, after the vampire (Vincent) gets back in its coffin open it again, then as he gets back in leave the room and walk towoards the spiral staircase he will come after you and join your party. (If he doesn't come after you speak to him then walk towards the staircase and try again.)

Now Vincent is in your party, have fun and train him as you will.